TRISO coated particle, developed for HTGR initially, has advantages of nuclear proliferation-resistance and fuel integrity against the release of fission products. In this paper, a 350MWt small sized PWR core design utilizing TRISO fuel concept is presented. TRISO particles are dispersed in graphite matrix to form the fuel compact, and then the fuel compact is clad by Zircaloy-4 cladding to form a fuel rod. The graphite matrix increases thermal conductivity of fuel compact, so that the fuel average temperature would be well below conventional PWRs’.

In order to simplify reactor design, operation and maintenance, soluble boron free concept while operation is introduced. The emphasis of the study is put on the reactivity hold-down technique for the 350MWt PWR core. Excess reactivity is suppressed through a combination of Pu-240 adding with Gd2O3 loading. Pu-240 is added into UO2 fuel kernel of some assemblies, and Gd2O3 rods are loaded in other assemblies. The non-fissile plutonium isotope Pu-240 has a considerably high thermal neutron capture cross section compared to U-238, so that the Pu-240 added fuel can greatly suppress excess reactivity over burnup. Besides, reactor core life would be extended by adding proper amount of Pu-240 for its converting into Pu-241 which is a fissile isotope. Combining Pu-240 adding with Gd2O3 loading, the designed core reaches an average core burnup of approximately 58GWD/t, as well as a core life of nearly 6EFPY.

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