Based on the brief introduction of AP1000 Nuclear Power Project high & low pressure filter and filter cartridge location information, and through researching and analyzing the whole operation process of taking out spent filter cartridge from filter vessel, transferring the spent filter cartridge to spent filter storage area and installing new filter cartridge, the reasonable and feasible filter cartridge replacement and transport operation process was proposed. And based on the proposed operation process, the related equipments design of filter cartridge replacement and transport were optimized. Reasonable and feasible operation process combining with perfectly shielding related equipments can maximally reduce radioactive occupational exposure risk to operating personnel and effectively prevent operating equipments and the ambient environment from radioactive pollution. During filter cartridge replacement and transport, the maximum radiation dose rate at operating position (cared position) was reduced to 0.830mSv/h by radiation shielding calculation. Meanwhile, the research content of this paper can also provide technical reference for nuclear power plant operators to actually operate filter cartridge replacement and transport. This paper also proposed the improving suggestion for follow-up projects on the basis of Self-Reliance Supporting Project existing problems on filter cartridge replacement and transport, and briefly summarized the innovation and application value of this paper.

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