A systematic study on the Long-lived fission products (LLFPs) transmutation in a PWR has been performed, aiming to devise optimal transmutation strategy in present nuclear power plants. The LLFPs selected in the analysis include 99Tc and 129I discharged from LWRs. The isotope, 127I is also considered to avoid the difficulties in isotopes separation. To minimize the negative impacts of LLFPs on the core performance and safety parameters, technetium or MgI2 targets mixed with zirconium hydride are designed and investigated. The equilibrium cycles are investigated. The transmuted amounts of 99Tc and 129I are equals to the yields from 1.94 and 4.22 1000 MWe PWRs, respectively. Numerical results indicate that both the 99Tc and 129I can be transmuted conveniently in present PWRs in the form of target pins.

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