Test 7 intermediate-break loss-of-coolant accident (IBLOCA) with 13% break at cold leg was conducted in OECD/NEA ROSA-2 Project using Large Scale Test Facility (LSFT). In this test, auxiliary feedwater was assumed to fail and all safety injection was injected only into the intact loop. Core started to dryout when break valve opened. Liquid level in the core dropped rapidly before loop seal clearing (LSC). ATHLET Mod 2.1 Cycle A was used in the post-test analyses of this LSTF experiment. A basis model with two primary coolant loops, one group steam generator U-tube, and three channels in core was built to simulate this test. One dimension finite critical flow model was employed to simulate a nozzle type break with an over predicted result. The major calculated parameters were compared with the test data, and the overall trend of the test was well calculated by the code, it reveals that ATHLET model could predict such IBLOCA with reasonable results.

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