In this paper a method is described for using NOTRUMP models to corroborate the Hierarchical Two-Tiered Scaling (H2TS) methodology that has been used for design of the APEX and SPES-2 test facilities. These facilities were built for the Westinghouse Electric Company to obtain data on the performance of the passive safety systems of the advanced pressurized water reactors.

Similarity between the prototype system and the scaled test facilities is investigated for the closed loop natural circulation phenomena in the postulated small break loss of coolant accident (SBLOCA). The objective of this analysis is to provide a basis that an integral test for the passive safety system will provide valid experimental data for the high-ranked phenomena that may occur during the hypothetical SBLOCA transients. In this way, the experiment will capture the phenomena that would be expected to occur in the plant, and hence provide data that can be used to validate computer code.

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