Chinese 10 MW High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (HTR-10) has inherent safety; the residual heat of the spent fuel could be removed by natural ventilation in loading process. The spent fuel storage tank could shield radiation; the outside is covered by an iron sleeve; the spent fuel tank would be stored in atmosphere after fully loaded, and the residual heat could be discharged by natural ventilation in interim storage stage. The calculation showed that, the maximum temperature locates in the middle of the fuel pebble bed in the spent fuel tank in loading process and interim storage stage, and the temperature decrease gradually with radial distance; the temperature in the tank body and sleeve is evenly; it is feasible to remove the residual heat of the spent fuel tank by natural ventilation, and in the natural ventilation condition, the temperature of the spent fuel and the tank is lower than the temperature limit, which provides theoretical evidence for the choice of the residual heat removal method in loading process and interim storage stage.

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