Multiphysics analysis system was newly developed to evaluate possibility of failure propagation occurrence under heat transfer tube failure accident in a steam generator of sodium-cooled fast reactors. The analysis system consists of the computer codes, SERAPHIM, TACT, RELAP5, which are based on the mechanistic numerical models. The SERAPHIM code calculates the multicomponent multiphase flow involving sodium-water chemical reaction. In this study, numerical models for the chemical reaction about production of a sodium monoxide and its transport process were constructed to enable evaluation of a wastage environment. The TACT code was developed to calculate heat transfer from the reacting jet to the adjacent tube and to predict the tube failure occurrence. The TACT code was integrated by the numerical models of the fluid-structure thermal coupling, the temperature and stress evaluation, the wastage evaluation and the failure judgment. The RELAP5 code evaluates thermal hydraulic behavior of water inside the tube. The original heat transfer correlations were corrected for the rapidly heated tube in the present work.

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