A numerical investigation of two-dimensional air bubble behaviors under the effect of gravity in still water based on the VOF (Volume-Of-Fluid) method is carried out.

Initially, the surface tension effects on the behavior of the bubble is analyzed, which contains the simulation of the ascending motion of a single air bubble in liquid and the study of the interaction between bubbles in terms of coalescence.

Additionally, the differences of single bubble’s rising motion in an infinite surroundings and in a vertical narrow channel are analyzed. The coalescence of bubbles is also studied. The motion of bubbles with different diameters in a vertical channel is simulated. It is found that the bubbles’ behavior depends on the distance between the bubble and the wall.

Finally, numerical simulation of the motion of several bubbles of the same size, at the same initial horizontal position and with uniform distribution is carried out. The result reveals that the bubbles at different distances from the wall have different velocities, after a while, the bubbles distribution presents as “U”.

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