Thermal stratification phenomena in piping systems of nuclear power plant would threaten the structural integrity of pipes, which are caused by the significant change of water density with temperature. To provide temperature gradients for the stress analysis of Normal heat Removal System (RNS) suction line of a Gen-III nuclear power plant, the relevant thermal stratification phenomena are analyzed by CFD in this paper. Cases without leakage (normal power operation) and with leakage are both studied. The results show that the first portion of pipe (one meter or so) near the hot leg is isothermal for normal power operation due to the penetrating flow. In the remaining portion, the radial temperature drops are of the order of 20∼27 K for no leakage case. For the leakage case, the radial temperature drops are 23 K or less, which are relatively smaller than those for the no leakage case due to the net hot flow from the hot leg to the valve.

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