The coalescence and motion behaviors of bubbles can be influenced by electromagnetic field, it can be found in the TOKAMK fusion reactors of ITER program. In this paper, VOF (Volume of Fluid) method is adopt to simulate the single bubble rising behavior and bubble coalescence in stagnant liquid under the electromagnetic field within a cylinder closure (D = 20mm, H = 50mm). A three-dimensional numerical simulation is presented considering the driving effect of uniform electric field and magnetic field on the process of bubble rising and bubbles inline coalescence in stagnant liquid pool. The interesting local Magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) flow, which is produced due to current non-homogenous distribution around the insolated gas bubble, is discussed in the process of single bubble rising and coalescence of bubbles inline. Under the influence of local MHD flow, the rising bubble shape presents obvious deformation. More importantly, as the existence of rotating Lorentz force, the liquid film between two bubbles is stirred, the process of coalescence is largely accelerated.

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