CUPID-SG is a component scale thermal-hydraulic analysis tool based on CUPID, which is intended to be a computer code for analyzing two-phase flows in porous media with tube bundles such as PWR steam generators. CUPID-SG adopts two-fluid, three-field conservation equations, and uses an in-house semi-implicit solver to obtain numerical efficiency. CUPID-SG can handle unstructured meshes that enable its application in complex geometries. CUPID-SG also has constitutive models for a two-phase flow map, interfacial heat and mass transfer, interfacial drag, wall friction, wall heating, and heat partitioning. CUPID-SG is benchmarked against a few cases of FRIGG tests to confirm that the transport models are correctly implemented and the code is applicable to a two-phase flow over tube bundles. The comparison showed that the constitutive models are properly implemented and CUPID-SG is capable of analyzing a two-phase boiling flow over tube bundles.

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