AFCEN is the French society which publishes codes for design, construction and in-service inspection rules for Pressurized Water Reactors. The fields covered by theses codes are: mechanical components, in-service surveillance of mechanical components, electrical equipments, nuclear fuel, and more recently, civil works and fire protection.

After a brief global presentation of AFCEN history and current position, we set out the technical content of one of these codes: RCC-C. This code is dedicated to fuel assemblies and associated core components. It sets forth minimum generic requirements to be met by the supplier and by the manufacturer for the design justifications and for the manufacturing and inspection operations of PWR fuel assemblies and rod cluster control assemblies.

We go over the different chapters of RCC-C: product and part characteristics; manufacturing and inspection processes and methods and associated qualifications; inspection requirements for the different items; design characteristics and requirements which the design justification shall meet; methods for demonstrating that design requirements are met.

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