The latest edition of French In-service Inspection Rules RSE-M2010, incorporating the up-to-date upstream French regulations, orders and requirements for pressure equipments, and taking into account both of the radioactive risk and industrial risk in nuclear power plant (NPP), has been adopted as the applicable rule for in-service inspection (ISI) of EPR units. In RSE-M2010, the previously used benchmark for classification Safety Class has been replaced by the Nuclear Pressure Equipments Class (ESPN Class), and the category of pressure equipments has been introduced to monitor the industry risks of NPP pressure equipments, making it much more precise and convenient to define the scope of equipments which subjected to ISI and corresponding ISI requirements on frequency and methods. This paper described the main differences of the ISI requirements in RSE-M2010 and previous edition of RSE-M, also introduced practices of applying RSE-M2010 when preparing the ISI program of Taishan EPR units. Based on the application practice of RSE-M2010 on Taishan EPR project, some proposals for future improvement of this code are presented. Preliminary thinking for future implementation of EPR ISI activities has also been described.

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