Main function of HVAC is to remove heat from equipment and pipeline, hold the inner condition, maintain an ambient temperature and humidity that keep the equipments function properly and easy access. Although regulation is no mandatory requirement of redundant equipment design and preservation function in case of specified disaster or man-made accident. In fact, It does be influenced by the incident whether partial failure or full. The hazard factor determination and qualitative analysis are based on fault tree analysis through simulated mode from selected the typical system. The identification of accident cause, hazard cause and fault mode is essential for improving system reliability. According the analysis result, It will be optimization factor such as installation and design process, maintenance ability, material plan, corrosion preventing. It’s helpful to control hazard under accepted level. This method given in the article is a new way to treat HVAC system in pressurized water reactor nuclear power. It hopes that this method will lead to reduce accident loss, save maintenance fee, bring economic benefits and improve the risk of nuclear power.

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