With the development of nuclear technology, safety analysis methodologies were advancing from traditional conservative to more realistic approaches. For CPR1000-type NPP, the Conventional Method (CM) which employed MEDUSE, PERSEE and REFLET codes in order was still in use to evaluate the LB LOCA mass and energy release (MER). This complex operation yielded excess conservative result as well as inconvenience. Meanwhile, a deterministic realistic method (MDR) had been applied using Realistic code CATHARE GB for LB LOCA MER analysis in EPR design. In this paper, CPR1000 NPP LB LOCA MER calculation was carried out using MDR method with CATHARE GB code. Calculation results were compared with those obtained through the conventional method to assess the containment pressure margin gain. Further effort was needed to evaluate the feasibility of implementing the new method in CPR1000-type NPP applications.

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