European Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (EU-ABWR) is developed by Toshiba. EU-ABWR accommodates an armored reactor building against Airplane Crash, severe accident mitigation systems, the N+2 principle in safety systems, the diversity principle and a large output of 1600 MWe. These features enable EU-ABWR’s design objectives and principles to be consistent with the requirements in the Finnish utility and the safety requirements of Finnish YVL guide.

By adopting Scandinavian outage processes, the Plant Availability is aimed to be greater than 95%. ABWRs have an excellent design potential to acheive short outage duration (e.g., shortening of maintenance and inspection duration by applying Fine Motion Control Rod Drive and Reactor Internal Pump). In addition, the EU-ABWR applies following key design improvements to reduce a refueling outage duration; a) Direct Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Head Spray System, b) Self-standing Control Rods and c) Water shielding reactor pool. In this paper, coolability of RPV due to application of the Direct RPV Head Spray System is also verified with numerical evaluations by Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

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