A point-wise cross-section data library HENDL-ADS/MC (Hybrid Evaluated Nuclear Data Library) has been produced by FDS team to do the nuclear analysis for the ADS system. The HENDL-ADS/MC library contained 408 nuclide cross-section files including actinides, fission products and structural materials for neutron energy up to 150 MeV. The nuclear library also contained several sub-libraries with different temperatures. A series of neutron integral experiments and critical safety benchmarks have been performed to test the availability and reliability of the HENDL-ADS/MC data library. To validate and qualify the reliability of the high neutron energy cross section for HENDL-ADS/MC library further, a series of high neutron shielding experiments have been performed using MCNP. The testing results indicated the accuracy and reliability of HENDL-ADS/MC library.

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