This paper describes the preliminary safety analysis of a thermal-spectrum SCWR concept (CSR1000), which was proposed by Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC). The passive safety system and the design of the two-pass core concept characterize the safety performance of CSR1000. With code SCTRAN (a one-dimensional safety analysis code for SCWRs), loss of coolant flow accidents (LOFA) and loss of coolant accident (LOCA) as well as some other typical transients and accidents were analysed. The maximum cladding surface temperature (MCST) was regarded as an important criterion. The sensitivity analyses of some crucial parameters are helpful for the safety evaluation. Thus some parameters about the safety system and the actuation conditions, such as the delay time of the ADS actuation, the break area in LOCA analysis, were also involved in this paper. The analyses have shown that the proposed passive safety system is capable to mitigate the consequence of the selected abnormalities. The results will be a useful reference for the future development of CSR1000.

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