Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has planned to investigate on iodine release behavior from fuel through the testing operation of High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR) in order to contribute to the reasonable estimation of the radiation exposure necessary for the realization of HTGR in the future. In this test, the fractional release of iodine will be measured and evaluated by measuring xenon isotopes, the daughter nuclides of iodine isotopes, in the primary coolant sampling under the loss-of-forced cooling (LOFC) test by which the primary coolant circulator is shut down and/or the manual scram test of HTTR. In parallel, the local area of primary coolant circuit where iodine is plated-out will be evaluated. This paper describes the testing plan and the preliminary analytical study on the release behavior of iodine and xenon isotopes through the operation of HTTR.

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