In paper the thermal stratification of liquid lead–bismuth eutectic in accelerator driven subcritical system (ADS) under LOCA is investigated. By means of establishing the space geometric distribution model of thermal stratification which produced in ADS interspace as well as using H2TS scaling analysis to simulate the phenomenon, the main parameters of model facility can be calculated and discussed. When the geometric scaling ratio is chosen be 1/10, by analyzing the Ri number, we can get scaling ratio of leak fluid velocity U0 and process time τ in model is 1/3.16 of the prototype, leak fluid flow Q0 and power q is 1/316.23 of the prototype in the formation process of thermal stratification. Moreover, scaling distortion quantitative analysis for the scaling simulation results be made. So the law related to the time, speed change and so on can be researched, all these work would provide reference and theory for testing facility constructing and ADS safety analysis.

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