A conceptual design of a low power liquid metal fast reactor with Alkali-metal thermal-to-electric conversion (AMTEC) units is presented. The small modular reactor (SMR) can operate in remote locations as a distributed energy system. This paper provides the layout of the main components of the plant and main design parameters. The reactor core power of 2MW (t) may be completely removed by natural circulation, thus there is no need for primary pumps. Passive heat removal system (PHRS) is adopted to remove the decay heat. In addition, it could also be activated when part of the energy conversion units are disabled. AMTEC unit is a good candidate for converting the reactor power to electricity. An expanded AMTEC tube bundle system and the layout of power conversion system are both presented. The converters are coupled to the primary loop through six independent secondary loops. Liquid-liquid intermediate heat exchangers (IHXs) would be used to connect the primary loop and secondary loops as well as power conversion system and secondary loops. The design objectives for SMR-AMTEC system are to provide a greatly simplified power system with respect to design, construction, operation and maintenance.

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