The SMR has become great interest to researchers in recent years. The integrated nuclear heating reactor NHR200 was developed by Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET) in Tsinghua University. On the basis of the NHR200, the NHR200-II is developed. The thermal-hydraulic parameters in the primary loop such as temperature and pressure are increased, which make it more suitable for industrial steam supply and sea water desalinization. Because the primary loop of NHR200-II operates with fully natural circulation, it is necessary to investigate the natural circulation characteristics by experiment under new thermal parameters. In order to determine the characteristics scale of the test facility, the scaling analysis is needed. The similarity groups, including Richardson number, etc. are determined from the dimensionless fluid and solid governing equations. The test facility uses the fluid with same property as the prototype to reduce the distortion. The axial length scale ratio of the test facility is set to be 1:1. The analysis results of the core surface average heat flux density ratio and the flow area ratio are 1:1 and 1:210 respectively. At the end of this paper, the results of the scaling analysis are present.

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