Tiny lagging-angle magnetic synchronizator application study, which is based on theory at distance, is developed to solve the sealing of radiation gas inside rotation devices of HTR-PM fuel hand system. Within the outer surface of synchronizator in-side rotor and inner surface of synchronizator outer rotor, two-sized heat-resisted permanent magnets have been intensively coated in NNSSNNSS style. Its shielding can adopted Ti6-Al-4V titanium alloy with special bearing to support the cold-state and hot-state experimental study. The results show that materials of all parts of synchronizator has not been weaken after 107Gy dose γ radiation. Synchronizator can meet the requirement of lagging angle, which must be smaller than 0.2 degree based on the control accuracy. But the reliability depends on the bearing arrangement form and their lubrication. Long term operation reliability of magnet driver device, should give priority to solving the oil-free lubrication problem of bearing. The optimal allocation test is carried out on magnet synchronizator and bearing hot-state test facility. And further engineer demonstrations in the operational reliability will be fully taken on full sized fuel handling hot-state test facility.

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