The degasifying column is an important unit in nuclear power station. In order to verify the performance of the column, the degasifying process has been simulated by using the well-known software ASPEN Plus and on a basis of some proper hypothesizes and simplified models. Degasifying column is found that it has good capability on taking out key components such as krypton and oxygen from reactor coolant. On the other side, it’s difficult to carry out radioactive gas experiment on site which is seriously enslaved to the potential radioactive harm on operators. Simulation by using ASPEN Plus is a good way to solve this problem. Furthermore, three kinds of experiments such as ASPEN simulation, deoxidation experiment and radioactive gas experiment on site which are used for validating the performance of column are compared. The comparison shows that ASPEN simulation has less risk and less costs, but the simulation results are more exact and credible. Moreover, the debugging process of the column can be inducted and improved according to the simulation.

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