After Fukushima nuclear accidents, China timely started national nuclear emergency coordination mechanism, and the national nuclear emergency organizations carried out effective response, strengthened communication with IAEA, widely collected all kinds of related information, carried out the monitoring on the land, sea, air, and ocean, predicted the accident consequence, and increased public communication. On all kinds of nuclear facilities, governments required the urgent circular-self safety assessments by each operators, and organized safety inspection groups to comprehensive on-site safety supervision and inspection. Safety inspection thought China overall nuclear safety condition was controllable, and safety was guaranteed. Meanwhile, safety improvements of NPPs considered the external disaster warning and operational, waterproof ability evaluations and improvements of important buildings, etc. China reported China radiation monitoring data to IAEA emergency center, and organized Chinese nuclear emergency expert delegation to develop technical exchanges with Japanese experts. From fukushima nuclear accident response experiences, China national nuclear emergency response ability should continue to increase according to the national nuclear energy scale: (1) Nuclear emergency response professional capacity needs to increase and professional quantity also need to increase. (2) Nuclear emergency response technique and ability needs to emphasize, and the practicability, systematic and integration of nuclear emergency response system also need to emphasize. (3) The operation mechanism and guarantee conditions of national nuclear emergency response system should be further to take attention and should be continuous to improve.

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