Equipment quality is one of issues which Nuclear Power Plant owner concern most. The result of actual operation condition and lifetime after the equipment’s failure happens is the most important indicator to justify the equipment quality, but it’s too late to know it. It will be very useful if the quality can be deduced before the equipment’s installation and operation. The evaluation’s difficulty lies in several causations. For example, different equipments produced by different manufacturers and even they are produced by the same factory but the process is definitely different, including the design modification, material change, product reservation and quality non-conformance which almost happens in every manufacturing step. Through analyzing the manufacturing characters and using the evaluation theory, a model which describes the manufacturing quality is built. In this model, the manufacturing quality and final test are considered as 2 decisive factors to evaluate the Equipment quality, and under them, the more detail factors are resolved in the deeper level until it can be measured easily and accurately. In conclusion, the precise evaluation will benefit every field during the nuclear power project construction, and also in the operation Plant, including the project construction, nuclear plant safety operation, risk analysis and fault localization, etc.

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