Nuclear power equipment safety and reliable operation has important social meaning and economic significance, especially some scale is huge, and the mechanism is complex, the impact of decommissioning major and the nuclear safety and to protect public health plays an important role in the equipment, to ensure their safety and reliable operation has an important meaning and the higher maintenance demands.

At the same time, the nuclear power equipment maintenance has maintenance field condition multifarious, difficult, short construction period, quality, safety and technology requirements higher characteristic, so to meet maintenance objectives, the nuclear power plant equipment especially the key and important equipment, the urgent need to adopt more advanced, and more scientific strategy for repair.

Meta analysis method is a more popular on the same theme of multiple independent test results are comprehensive statistical method. At present, it is a very effective comprehensive analysis method, and has already developed mature in many domestic and foreign industries and fields.

This paper based on the Meta analysis thought optimization equipment maintenance strategy, working to improve nuclear power equipment especially the key and important equipment maintenance more scientific, reliability and security.

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