According to advanced light water reactor (ALWR) Utility Requirement Document (URD), plant control systems should be designed to meet the specified design requirements for an advanced 1000 MWe class PWR nuclear power plant (NPP).

As per the plant design requirements, AP1000 control systems were simulated, and plant thermal-hydraulic performance analysis have been performed with RELAP5 thermal-hydraulic computer code under five typical operational transients, i.e. (a) a step load increase from 15% FP to 25%FP, (b) a step load decrease from 100% FP to 90%FP, (c) +5%/min ramp load increase, (d) large load rejection to house load at full power, (e) normal reactor trip at full power. Based on a preliminary plant performance analysis, it indicates that plant design requirements could be satisfied for AP1000 control systems.

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