We investigated a single droplet impinging on an inclined heated wall with different inclination angles. A high-speed camera was used to observe this impinging process at 10000 frames / second. The phenomena of the droplet spreading, shrinking, rebounding, boiling, break-up and splashing were observed. The effects of the wall temperature (Tw, 40–262 °C), the Weber number of the droplet (Wed, 0.66–589) and the wall inclination angle (α, 0–45.6°) on the spreading behavior of the droplet after impinging on the wall were analyzed. Energy conservation equation was used to analyze experimental results. The results show that increasing the inclination angle of the wall is beneficial to the forward spreading of the droplet along the wall, but not to the downward spreading. When α > 45.6°, the droplet will break through the flow resistance of the wall and slide down all the time. The increase of the wall temperature and the Weber number of the droplet is beneficial to the backward and forward spreading of the droplet. Increasing α, increasing Tw and decreasing Wed will promote the shrinking of the droplet after spreading. In addition, the experimental phenomenon also shows that the larger the wall inclination and the higher the wall temperature, the easier the droplet will break away from the wall.

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