The containment spray system is of great importance for the nuclear power plant to reduce the pressure and temperature, as well as concentration of radioactive aerosols released from reactor core under the severe accident. The main aim of present study is to develop a simplified model for aerosol removal by spray system, the model is employed to predict the variation of aerosol concentration in containment and reveal the key mechanism influencing aerosol removal. In the present model, the air flow entrained by spraying droplet is considered which is computed by solving simplified one-dimension momentum equations rather than the standard N-S equation. For the validation of the model, a small size sprinkle experiment facility is built. The facility is equipped with non-intrusive instruments such as particle size spectrometer for aerosol spectrum measurement, HELOS/R for measuring the droplet spectrum. The result of aerosol removal of the present model is compared with the result of the full coverage model and the experimental result. In the experiment, polydisperse aerosol is used and the removal rate of aerosols with different sizes is compared against the result of the present model and the full coverage model. The velocity of entrained gas flow and the distribution of droplets are displayed. The computational result reveals the aerosol removal constant distribution along the height.

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