All of the boiling water reactors in Japan were required to install filtered containment venting system (FCVS) for restart after the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. FCVS is composed of alkaline water and a metal fiber filter (MFF). Alkaline water has the function of reducing aerosol and inorganic iodine (I2). MFF is constituted for the purpose of removing the aerosol which was not able to be removed with alkaline water. With the above system, the released aerosol can be removed with DF1000 and inorganic iodine DF100. On the other hand, organic iodine that cannot be removed by alkaline water and MFF is removed by silver zeolite added downstream of the FCVS because of its high scattering property. Silver zeolite has particle of silver in the pores of the zeolite. Organic iodine is removed by chemical bonding with the silver. In the current system, the silver zeolite is DF50. Hitachi has developed the organic iodine removal system focusing on removing liquid chemicals for the purpose of improving the performance andmaintain ability, and reducing the price. In this presentation, we report the ionic liquid (IL) that has high heat resistance, high radiation resistance and high gas adsorption among liquid chemicals. In the small-scale tests, we found that IL has a higher performance than DF250, and improved maintainability by liquid property that is able to discharge with scrubber water at the same time, and have got the prospect of reducing manufacturing costs.

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