Fast neutron multiplicity counting (FNMC) analysis method, as a new non-destructive analysis method for nuclear materials, plays an increasingly important role in the measurement of nuclear material properties. Based on the derivation of the FNMC analytical equation of Pu material, the method of solving the sample parameters was given. By analyzing the mechanism of interaction of neutrons and matter, the model used by Geant4 (version 10.4) software was determined, and a set of three-layer, fast neutron multiplicity counters with six liquid scintillation detectors per layer was constructed. Using the fast neutron multiplicity counter to analyze the measured parameters, the detection efficiency variation was less than 0.4% within the 150g sample mass range, and the PuO2 fluctuation was less than the metal Pu. By studying the detection efficiency and the multiplicity counting rate as a function of sample mass, within the 150g sample mass range, both basically meet the model assumptions of the FNMC analytical equation. The metal Pu and PuO2 samples were set separately, and the FNMC analysis equation was solved. When the sample mass was within 150g, the sample mass solution deviation was less than 10%. The results show that the built-in fast neutron multiplicity counter can better measure Pu sample properties.

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