A proper treatment of thermal neutron scattering data is required for the high-fidelity neutronics calculation of thermal reactors. Monte Carlo codes typically use an S(α, β) treatment to describe scattering events in the thermal region if the S(α, β) data is available for the material. The S(α,β) model stores a large majority of scattering physics and can handle thermal scattering process accurately. In neutronic-thermohydraulic coupling calculations, the temperature effect on nuclear data must be treated properly. The on-the-fly sampling method or the on-the-fly interpolation method are typically used in thermal region. In this paper, the on-the-fly interpolation method for the discrete representation S(α,β) data was introduced. The two-dimensional linear-linear interpolation was used to calculate the scattering cross sections and the secondary information for inelastic scattering, coherent elastic scattering and incoherent elastic scattering. The implemented on-the-fly capability was tested by a series of benchmarks that contain various thermal materials, including light water, beryllium and beryllium oxide. The integral kinf eigenvalues, the efficiency and the fine energy spectra of the on-the-fly treatment capacity were compared with those of the references. Results show that the on-the-fly treatment capability has high accuracy, and the computational time increases up to 20%.

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