The radioactive aerosol removal equipment is used as one of the safety systems of nuclear reactors. In this equipment, microparticles of aerosol are removed through gas-liquid interfaces of two-phase flow. The mechanism related to the removal of microparticles through the gas-liquid interface is not precise; a numerical evaluation method of performance of aerosol removal equipment is not realized. Then, we have started to construct a numerical simulation method to simulate the removal of microparticles through gas-liquid interfaces. In this simulation method, a detailed two-phase flow simulation code TPFIT is used as the basis of this method. TPFIT adopts an advanced interface tracking method and can simulate interface movement and deformation directly. Also, to simulate the movement of particles, the Lagrangian particle tracking method is incorporated. By combining the interface tracking method, and the Lagrangian particle tracking method, the interaction between interfaces and microparticles can be simulated in detail. To solve the Lagrangian equations of particles, fluid properties and fluid velocity surrounding aerosol particles are evaluated by considering the relative position of particles and gas-liquid interface, to simulate particle movement near the interface. In this paper, we show an outline and preliminary results of this simulation method.

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