Large break LOCA will cause an increase in containment pressure, containment temperature and containment radiation level in nuclear power plants (NPPs). Containment spray is one of the most effective ways to mitigate the consequences of large break LOCA for these following facts, first, with the large space containment design, the containment spray can decrease the pressure peak and keeps containment integrity. Secondly, the containment spray can decrease the aerosol radiation level in containment, iodine in particular, and reduce the risks of radioactive release. Above all, the common strategy of containment spray in NPPs generally includes automatic actuation with high spray flow, in order to achieve good results in relevant accident conditions. Meanwhile, the strategy to shutdown containment spray should be considered as a result of these facts that, a weakened effect in decreasing radiation will occur and negative containment pressure may cause containment integrity damage in post-accident long term operation. For the above considerations, the emergency operating strategy of containment spray based on radiation level in large break LOCA condition and the relevant best estimate work are studied based on one NPP in this paper, in order to achieve reasonable results in containment spray operating strategy, which are able to optimize containment spray and reduce the bad consequences.

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