The object of research is risk management method in nuclear power plant (NPP) safety regulation.

Regulations, which are functioning in Ukraine, are based on the deterministic approaches and criteria. They proved themselves in the period of lack of experience and knowledge about mechanics of material aging. Despite the fact that such regulations are providing necessary safety levels, sometimes deterministic approaches are leading to redundant conservatism of specifications. This is driving to safety-related negative consequences, which are equipment-accelerated deterioration and increased radioactive influence on operative and maintenance staff. Now there is a situation, when new requirements, based on the increasing experience, are arising. So the costs are rising for getting compliance of those requirements.

From this point of view, an urgent problem is what tools and methods of safety analysis we need to use regulating safety levels of nuclear facilities. This work is aimed to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency of NPP operation. It is supposed, that the goal will be achieved by developing and adjusting risk-management methods for the NPPs in Ukraine.

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