Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) is designed with safety in mind. However, there is billion to one possibility that a hypothetical Core Disruptive Accident (CDA) occurs. When CDA occurs, the Post Accident Heat Removal (PAHR) must be achieved. In the PAHR, the molten material is required to be fragmented and solidified in sodium coolant. In order to estimate whether the molten material jet is completely solidified in sodium coolant or not, it is significant to estimate jet breakup length. Although, the jet breakup length is influenced with fragmentation behavior, the correlation between them is not clear yet. Therefore, it is strongly required to clarify the mechanism of the fragmentation behavior on the jet surface. The objective of the present study is to estimate fragmentation on jet breakup in coolant experimentally. Tap water and Fluorinert™ (FC-3283) are used as simulated coolant and molten material, respectively. Flourinert is transparent and colorless liquid and its density is higher than water, therefore we can observe internal flow structure of Fluorinert. Fluorinert injected into water, and the jet breakup behavior and the fragmentation behavior of the jet are observed by using high speed video camera.

In order to estimate fragmentation on liquid jet, we identified the position of the interface with back lighting technique and also, we conducted velocity measurement with Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) technique simultaneously. It is observed that interfacial waves of the jet are generated. Waves are pulled with surrounding liquid and grown up. Finally, a fragment is separated as a droplet from front edge of the wave. Also, the vorticity is evaluated from the velocity data in order to investigate influence of the flow field in detail. From the result of calculating vorticity, the high value was estimated when jet was fragmented. It is suggested that fragmentation behavior correlates with the surrounding flow field. And the energy ratio contributing to fragmentation is calculated from velocity field. The energy ratio is important to investigate the amount of the fragmentation on liquid jet. Fragmentation on jet breakup in coolant is estimated.

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