The US-APWR, currently under Design Certification review by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, is an evolutionary pressurized water reactor with a four-train active safety system applied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. The digital instrumentation and control (I&C) system and human systems interface (HSI) system are applied to the US-APWR. The US-APWR digital I&C and HSI system (HSIS) utilizes computerized systems, including computer-based operating procedure (CBP) and dynamic alarm prioritization, relying principally on an HSIS with soft controls, console based visual display units (VDUs) and a large, overview display panel. The overall design philosophy of the US-APWR is based on the concept that operator performance will be enhanced through the integration of safety and non-safety monitoring and control systems in a robust digital environment. In the comprehensive human factors engineering (HFE) program, the US-APWR V&V program has been implemented and subjective and objective data collection and analysis were conducted. As a result of the V&V, the human engineering discrepancies (HEDs) including the CBP were raised to improve the HSI design. During the verification and validation (V&V) activity, the impacts of the digital HSIS on human performance, such as workload, navigation, situation awareness, operator training and licensing issues ware discussed and evaluated. Thus, the CBP system has been developed so that the CBP system is able to have a capability of steady and effective improvement on the HSIS. The basic design principle of CBP including interface with other HSI systems, display elements of the CBP screen, contents and format of the CBP screen and navigation internal/external CBP has been developed based on the activities above. Since the digitalized HSIS can improve the integrity and functioning of operation on the CBP, alarm VDU, operational VDUs and large display panel (LDP), the operator can create a best mix of the advantage of each element. This paper discusses the application of the CBP system as a part of digital HSIS of the US-APWR.

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