In order to establish a safety evaluation method of a steam generator of sodium-cooled fast reactors, a computer program called SERAPHIM calculating compressible multicomponent multiphase flow with sodium-water chemical reaction under tube failure accident has been developed. In this study, a numerical model for liquid droplet entrainment from an interface of the gaseous jet and its transport was newly constructed to evaluate the environment of the liquid droplet impingement erosion. The applicability of the SERAPHIM program which incorporates the droplet entrainment / transport model was investigated through the analysis of vertical discharging of water vapor in the liquid sodium pool under the actual condition of the steam generator. The analysis reproduced appearance of the underexpanded vapor jet. The calculated peak temperature agreed with the experimental results well. Also, appearance of the dispersed phase of droplets in the reacting jet and its acceleration by the supersonic gaseous flow were represented successfully.

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