New constructions of NPPs (in particular EPR™ plants) have led to an improvement of the French Code for Civil works (design and construction). In this context, the French Association for NPP Design and Construction rules (AFCEN) has edited in 2010 a new code called ETC-C [1].

The objective of this paper is to outline the main features of this code laying down the principles and requirements in terms of safety, serviceability and durability for concrete, steelworks structures and liners (containment liner and pool liner).

Regarding ETC-C Part 1 dedicated to design rules, the paper shows how, for concrete structures, the ETC-C has been adapted from the Eurocode 2, which is the new European standard, and provides some calibration values or methods (for creep and shrinkage, for shocks, for cracking assessment,…) whereas for the steel liner covering the inner surface of the containment the consideration of blistering has completed the mechanical analysis and led to a reformulation of the acceptance criteria used in former codes (like ASME…).

ETC-C Part 2, dedicated to construction issues, defines the properties and quality controls of the materials, the requirements regarding the concrete and the rebars, the pre-stressing system and the geometrical tolerances for all the works, in compliance with the design features.

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