Coal-fired power plants that survive into the future and avoid being displaced by combined cycle plants and wind turbines will require air quality control (AQC) equipment to conform to EPA requirements per the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR). This AQCS can consume 5–10% parasitic load of a coal-fired unit’s output.

This paper will provide discussion on recent industry trends of utilities pushing to implement modernization projects for parasitic load recapture and also other benefits such as life extension, improved maintenance, better efficiency, availability, and reliability. The three main strategies discussed will be:

• Boiler and Turbine Optimization options

• Steam Turbine Modernization with the latest technology steam path

• Steam Valve Modernization

Coal-fired plants have been careful to implement these types of projects without additional heat input in- order to avoid any new source review issues.

Recent industry examples and development efforts will be discussed in this paper to provide an overview of these options current available or that will be available in the near future for coal-fired power plants.

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