A new code coupled between a sub-channel analysis code and a computational multi-fluid dynamics (CMFD) code was applied to a PWR rod bundle with mixing vane grid. The code was developed to predict the departure from nucleate boiling (DNB). This is a new technology of CMFD based on abundant experience and models developed for sub-channel analysis: CMFD computed void distribution to fit the average value calculated by two-phase models in sub-channel analysis code. A new source term represented centripetal motion of small bubbles in the wake behind a rising vapor slug. In order to apply the code to a PWR rod bundle, effects of local mass flux, pressure and mixing vane grid was modeled. The present method was applied to the analysis for DNB tests of simulated PWR fuel assembly with mixing vane grids. The result showed that, using only a critical void fraction, reasonable prediction was achieved in a wide range of flow condition and a variety of flow regimes.

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