The unsteady turbulent flow and heat transfer in rectangular channel with periodic longitudinal vortex generators on up and bottom walls are investigated by standardized k-ε two equation turbulent model combined with standardized wall function which has been validated by steady experimental data. Influence of varying frequency and amplitude of inlet velocity varying by sine function on heat transfer and friction factor are discussed. It is found that parameters such as Tout, Tf, Tw, Nusselt number and the friction factor f vary with time periodically, phase difference occurred compared with inlet velocity. Pulsating frequency has little impact on time averaged Nusselt number. However, when amplitude increases from 0.2us to 0.8us, the heat transfer rate is augmented by about 4%. Furthermore, a critical frequency has been captured when amplitude equals to 0.8us for the channel studied. The current study will deepen understanding of unsteady flow in plate fuel assembly, which can be used in small-scale reactors.

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