Removing and installing manway access doors on hemi-head style Feedwater Heaters can be very challenging/difficult with significant safety concerns handling components that weigh as much as 500lbs on large HP Supercritical Units. Original heater manufacturer supplied handling rigs typically require manual hands-on “grunt” methods to manipulate the rigs with the heavy doors hanging on the devices. American Electric Power (AEP) and Industrial Contractors Skanska (ICS) collaborated to design and construct a portable, hydraulically operated manway handling hoist that makes removal and installation safe and easier for plant personnel to use. The hoist has successfully been used to remove and re-install manway doors on HP Heaters on AEP 1300MW Supercritical Plants. Details of the OEM furnished rig and the AEP/ICS developed manway handling hoist will be discussed in the paper.

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