The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) is conducting research and development on nuclear hydrogen production using High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor and thermochemical water-splitting Iodine-Sulfur (IS) process aiming to develop large-scale hydrogen production technology for “hydrogen energy system”. In this paper, the present status of R&D on IS process at JAEA is presented which focuses on examining integrity of such components as chemical reactors, separators, etc. Based on previous screening of materials of construction mainly from the viewpoint of corrosion resistance in the harsh process conditions of IS process, it was planned to fabricate the IS components and examine their integrity in the process environments. At present, among the components of IS process plant consisting of three chemical reaction sections, i.e., the Bunsen reaction section, the sulfuric acid decomposition section and the hydrogen iodide decomposition section, key components in the Bunsen reaction section was fabricated.

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