In case of an accident the safe heat removal from the reactor core with the installed emergency core cooling system (ECCS) is one of the main features in reactor safety. During a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) the release of insulation material fragments in the reactor containment can lead to malfunctions of ECCS. Therefore, the retention of particles by strainers or filtering systems in the ECCS is one of the major tasks.

The aim of the presented experimental investigations was the evaluation of a filtering system for the retention of fiber-shaped particles in a fluid flow. The filtering system consists of a filter case with a special lamellar filter unit. The tests were carried out at a test facility with filtering units of different mesh sizes. Insulation material (mineral rock wool) was fragmented to fiber-shaped particles. To simulate the distribution of particle concentration at real plants with large volumes the material was divided into single portions and introduced into the loop with a defined time interval. Material was transported to the filter by the fluid and agglomerated there. The assessment of functionality of the filtering system was made by differential pressure between inlet and outlet of the filtering system and by mass of penetrated particles. It can be concluded that for the tested filtering system no penetration of insulation particles occurred.

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