In order to meet the high economic requirement of the 3rd generation Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) or Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) applied in currently developing nuclear power plants, a series of half-speed extra-long last stage rotating blades with 26 ∼ 30 m2 nominal exhaust annular area is proposed, which covers a blade-height range from 1600 mm to 1900 mm. It is well known that developing an extra long blade is a tough job involving some special coordinated sub-process. This paper is dedicated to describe the progress of creating a long rotating blade for a large scaled steam turbine involved in the 3rd generation nuclear power project. At first the strategy of how to determine the appropriate height for the last-stage-rotating-blade for the steam turbine is provided. Then the quasi-3D flow field quick design method for the last three stages in LP casing is discussed as well as the airfoil optimization method. Furthermore a sophisticated blade structure design and analyzing system for a long blade is introduced to obtain the detail dimension of the blade focusing on the good reliability during the service period. Thus, except for CAD and experiment process, the whole pre-design phase of the extra-long turbine blade is presented which is regarded as an assurance of the operation efficiency and reliability.

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