The control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) is an important safety-related component in the nuclear power plant (NPP). When CRDM steps upward or downward, the pressure-containing housing of CRDM is shocked axially by an impact force from the engagement of the magnetic pole and the armature. To ensure the structural integrity of the primary coolant loop and the functionality of CRDM, dynamic response of CRDM under the impact force should be studied. In this manuscript, the commercial finite element software ANSYS is chosen to analyze the nonlinear impact problem. A nonlinear model is setup in ANSYS, including main CRDM parts such as the control rod, poles and armatures, as well as nonlinear gaps. The transient analysis method is adopted to calculate CRDM dynamic response when it steps upward. The impact loads and displacements at typical CRDM locations are successfully obtained, which are essential for design and stress analysis of CRDM.

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