The calculations were performed at different power levels for selected IFBA and non-IFBA NPP Krsko fuel assemblies using 2D lattice codes (DRAGON, NEWT and FA2D) to show quantitative influence of xenon concentration on homogenized cross sections. In addition to usual influence on fast and, to larger extent, on thermal absorption cross sections, similar type of influence is found in case of fission cross sections, and to some extent in fast to thermal removal cross section. Based on relative change of cross sections from the values obtained during reference depletion, burnup and power level dependent correction values were calculated and included in separate cross section library. Limited dependence of correction values on IFBA presence and enrichment is found. When applied within nodal code the correction has potential to improve prediction of multiplication factors (boron concentration) and axial power distribution in Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) reactors.

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