Conventional resonance calculation methods based on the equivalence theory can only deal with the simple regular geometry and will fail in the complicated geometry because they are not able to obtain collision probability. Therefore, based on the subgroup theory and subgroup neutron transport equation, the subgroup method is developed. And through the subgroup transport calculations, space-dependent multi-group resonance cross-sections can be obtained directly. In this paper, the 361 multi-group structure library and a new computation code are proposed using AUTOMOC—our laboratory self-developed 2-D arbitrary geometric transport calculation procedure as a solver. Results show that the multi-group library and the computation code are very promising for complicated resonance calculation in 2-D arbitrary geometries.

In order to validate the accuracy of the resonance program module, several emblematical problems such as planar problem with two resonant regions, 3×3 lattice problem and complex geometry problem are calculated. And the preliminary results show that the accuracy is good enough and the resonance program code is a promising method for the complicated resonance calculation in arbitrary geometry.

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